Project management

What is editorial project management?

Editorial project management involves controlling and monitoring the editorial and production processes involved in producing a high-quality publication.

When managing a project, I:

•  commission and manage specialist suppliers
•  manage the budget and the schedule
•  monitor quality
•  manage changes
•  ensure the product meets the standards required
•  regularly inform stakeholders of progress.

I also design editorial and production workflows, document processes and define standards and styles.

Why work with me?

I have been managing publishing projects for over 15 years, for book publishers, public bodies and B2B information providers.

I worked with Abi on a project for Pearson – a full-colour, highly designed and illustrated manual aimed at First Responders. Abi’s personal project management skills, her editorial eye for detail, and her professionalism and work ethic were exemplary. The project certainly benefited from her involvement.
Susannah Fountain, Publisher

I’m happy to work with your preferred suppliers; I also have a network of trusted editorial, design and production professionals that can undertake specific tasks in the publishing process.

I know about sprint planning, blockers and Agile management, and can work with you to decide which management and monitoring techniques are best suited to your project.

What does it cost?

How much content is there? What kind of content is it? How much work is required to bring the content up to scratch? Are original artworks or photographs required? How many stakeholders will review the content, and at which stages?

Each project has its own requirements. Contact me with details of what content you have and what you want me to do with it – once we’ve established my remit and your requirements, we can agree costs and timescales.